Blogmas #3 - Christmas Blogmas Tag

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A couple of months ago - yes I was planning ahead - I was doing some research for some Blogmas inspiration and I came across the Christmas Blog Tag on Bad With Directions. I thought it would be a fun post to put up on the blog so here we go!

Blogmas #2 - Removing Your Christmas Glam

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Doing my make-up is something I love doing no matter the occasion but for some reason I enjoy it even more when I'm heading out somewhere. Christmas season means work parties and nights out with friends which for me means lots of heavy make-up top last me through the night.

Blogmas #1 - I Love Christmas!

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Okay so I know I am super keen about Christmas - even more so this year and I'm not really sure why - but I thought the perfect way to start Blogmas is with a I Love Christmas post!! I have done one of these posts before - which you can read here - but that was three years ago so it's always fun to do again!

Take Time For You

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Now that the winter nights have well and truly settled in it can have a really negative effect on your mood. I know for me personally it can be very hard to get up for work in the dark and come home from work in the dark. It can feel like you are missing out on any real hours of daylight.

Disney Series #12 - Epcot Is Epic

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 Epcot has always and always will be one of my favourite Walt Disney World parks. Before I went it was the one that I was most excited about going to - although since returning Magic Kingdom has a very special place in my heart.